Meet Maxi

Meet Maxi

Hi I’m Maxi

Meet Maxi - Sunflower Happy - BNW

I’m a Brisbane based creative arts student who loves the outdoors, coffee, art and taking care of my health and happiness. I have a pretty chaotic life and about ten billion things on my mind at any one time. So I often become stressed and quite unhappy with my situation.

Once I learnt that happiness was a state of mind, I realized that you have to be your own happiness. Since then I have made it my goal to be like the Sunflower; to stand tall even on the darkest days and find the sunlight.

And that’s what brought me here…

Sunflower Happy is a place where I can share my ideas and tips and tricks that I use to bring some organisation and sanity back to my life, and hopefully I can do the same for you!

I strongly believe in the power of the mind and how it can influence mood, feelings and happiness. And so I have taken inspiration from the sunflower; standing tall and looking for the sunlight. Thus, being sunflower happy!

So how do I spend my days? I hear you asking…

I love a lot of things in life and so I find myself splitting up my time between a fair few hobbies. First of all, I love art! So you can often find me in my studio painting, drawing and just creating. I also love fish! Yes, that may seem odd. But I really enjoy watching them swim around in their tank, it’s kind of therapeutic. I have two tanks set up at the moment with several species of freshwater fish that I love.

As you may or may not know already I am a Uni student, so I also spend a lot of my days on campus studying and writing for this blog! And last but not least, my part time jobs which help me pay for all my hobbies and my study.

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